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zaterdag 6 april 2019

All-over PHOTO Print
Colorful Spring Flowers Leggings
with Matching T-shirts & Tank Tops


LEGGINGS for Fashionable 

NATURE Lovers, and People 

                               with a sense of STYLE only! 

Purple Crocuses with Bees Legging

Purple Crocuses with Bees Legging 

              These Leggings are NOT for everyone, these are 
                                               for the real Fashionistas, that want
                                               Vibrant Colors & High Quality! 

                                        Fashionistas that want to look good! 
                                        And it's great to see that many of you do 

                                   Our EDS Fashion is NOT dirt-cheap,
                                   on the other hand when compared to some of
                                   the Bigger names in fashion, with prices
                                   ranging from $125 - to up to $1200
        Especially when you realise what great HIGH QUALITY
                                         (even Prize Winning) Photography goes into our Designs,
                                         we really are 

                                                       rather Low-Priced and

                                                    - Inexpensive -  

Simply Click the Link

                                            Here Below: 

                   Purple Crocuses with Bees Legging 

It will get you to our Colorful Flowers Leggings Collection in our Online Webstore
At the Top of that page you will discover a great looking Banner. 
with a Photo of Purple Pansies, 

(Directly above it you also see a Horizontal Bar
with Special Offers and - TODAY ONLY - OFFERS.)        
You see directly what they cost, - Clicking - the Legging Image of your Liking
Gets you to the PRODUCT PAGE where you see More info 
about this   

           Purple Crocuses with Bees Legging 

                     There you can: 

                         Select things like the Quantity, 
                         Waist and Hip Sizes, and

                         Click the Orange Add to Cart Button, on the right side,
                         to GO the Shopping Cart where you can put in (or remove)
                         the items you think about Buying.    

                                         (or click the Blue Customize Button when you want to 
                                          Customize your product and make it
                                          into a Personalized Gift.)
DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!!

Purple Crocuses with Bees Legging 


                            On that PRODUCT PAGE you can also see: 

                            * Other products from that same Collection

                            * Other Designs you might like, and 

See What You Can Do With This Design!  

                                          SEE what it looks like 

                                            when you - TRANSFER - this Design 
                                            on other products!
                                      It's Great FUN to See All 
                                              the Possiblities with this Design…!!!
                                              (You Can Simply use the ARROW 
                                                                to See More Products with this Design)  


For the Colorful Flower Leggings Collection,  we have Designs 

           with a lot of different types of Flowers, 

It goes without saying the already mentioned:

                 Purple Crocuses with Bees Legging

Just to name a few others you can discover 
on our All-over PHOTO Print LEGGING Designs

                         Daffodils, Tulips, Crocusses, Pansies, 

                         Allium Flowers, Cornflowers, Wild Garlic Flowers

                         Blue Hydrangea, Bougainvillea, Forsythia etc. etc. 

SEE whole Colorful Flower 

Leggings Collection


   (click the Arrow image at the       
                                        Bottom on the right to go to other page(s))                                    

                                    Read More about Leggings on Wikipedea                                                                            

Matching T-shirts 

                         & Tank Tops: 

Purple Crocuses with Bee All over Printed Tank TopBee on Crocus T-Shirt

Purple Crocuses with Bee All over Printed Tank Top by EdelhertDesignStudio
                                                                                   Bee on Crocus T-Shirt by EdelhertDesignStudio

             Many Other - Ready Made -

             GREAT Products to MATCH ! ! !

 Discover many Great Additional Products 

                  with the SAME - or MATCHING Designs


Sports Bras,  

 T-shirts,        Shoes & Flipflops 

   and Earrings ! ! !

Yellow and Orange Daffodils Earrings
Yellow and Orange Daffodils Earrings
by EdelhertDesignStudio


                                                                          See ALL Our Legging Designs 

Do you know what it means to us that - YOU - choose our designs?

We are Thankful & Happy about the fact that Last Year Spring, many of you told us about how you like our designs, giving us your useful feedback, ideas for new designs

and that some of you also bought our Highly Popular

All-Over- PHOTO - Print SPRING Flowers Legging, the Cheerful Bright Yellow Daffodil Spring Flowers Designs give you a feeling that Spring is in the Air, and Make you feel Part of Nature, the same with several of the other Colorful Flower Leggings 
and Nature Inspired Design Leggings

 It gives us a Proud Feeling to know that somewhere in the world 

                                 - YOU - are wearing our designs, as an 

                                  Ambasador of Our Brand!

                   (BTW when you click this Our Brand! link you see 
                    a T-shirt with Our - EDS - Brand Name on it)

It's also a lot of Fun to make Photos with your Selfie-stick Wearing It!

Sharing your Photos with friends on your Social Media

BE-ing both an Ambasador and a Fashionable 

Nature Loving Social Influencer!  


                                            How To
                                     Share this Post on TWITTER: 

To easily Share This Post with friends to tell them 
                     about our Highly Buzz-worthy great Looking All-Over PHOTO Print

                               Colofrul Spring Flowers Leggings Designs

                                                        on Your own Twitter Page, 

                       Simply - Click - the Twitter Share Button 



                                      Other Ways you Can 

                             Share this Post: 

                               You can also use the Social Share Buttons 
                                Below this Blog post. 
Or use the Share Buttons on our PRODUCT PAGE



Discover More of Our
Special Designs in our YEARBOOK 2018

YOUR Thoughts: 

You know that we frequently work 
on making new photos, and do you know what great HIGH QUALITY
(even Prize Winning) Photography goes into our Designs...?


                         Do you have any Specific Flowers you like....???

          We would like to know, what Legging Design
          What type of Flowers,  Makes you Feel Part of Nature, the Most...???, 
          and witch ones give you A Spring Feeling the Most....??? 

                      Are there any type of Flowers you would like to see Leggings you
                      would like to see more from or think
                      could fit in our Collection...???


Did you see the Products & Designs
in our Our Special Designs in our YEARBOOK 2018 ???

                                                                     What Designs 

                          Did - YOU - Like the Most...…..???????????

Getting Acces to 

Simply Click the Comment-link below this Blog post 
to Read the Comments & Replies,

and to place

- YOUR -

Comments & Replies 

You Don't need to be as SHY as This Bird we Wrote about in a Recent TWEET
If you Prefer you can also Send a Message with the Contact Form in the Side Bar.

Also See Raisin Blossoms All-Over-Photo-Print Designs ! ! !

                                Learn More About Our Designs In our YEARBOOK 2018

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