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dinsdag 5 oktober 2021

Thanks for - Joining - to BE our 2 0 0 th - Follower on Our Twitter ! ! !


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 Last Minute Info: 


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 Thanks for Joining
to Be our 

2 0 0 th

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zaterdag 2 oktober 2021

This Special Placemat Design Is Seclected on the Daily Rainbow Blog !


See more of our Placemats Designs. 

As you can see in This Tweet with Our Cow Design on a Placemat we have more Products with this Design, like for example also on our


Popular Puzzles;



 Some time ago you also Bought our Cow Design on a Latte Mug with 
a - Matching - Serving Tray !

 As you can see in this previous post titled: 

Last Minute News Flash: Two Cute White-Brown Cows DesignLatte Mug Amung our Latest Products Sold ! ! ! 

Two Cute White-Brown Cows Serving Tray


See More Cow Designs


woensdag 29 september 2021

Autumn & Winter Design Fitness Leggings

Let's Talk About Autumn & Winter.....,

Infact it would be really great when you Fashionable Social Influencers Tell 
Many Friends about it..... !  


                                           How To
                                     Share this Post: 

To easily Share This Post about our Autumn & Winter Leggings Designs
                                                        on Your Twitter Page, 

                       Simply - Click - the Twitter Share Button 


Great News ! 

You Know what's the Best Part 

of Autumn & Winter? 

You Can Wear Something Different than During Summer,
O.K. this might not be the most spectacular News Fact you ever read…., 

But you do want something great to wear

during AUTUMN & WINTER, Dont You…??? 

Here's the Deal, 

We have figured it our for you already!

Sycamore Maple Leaves Collage T-Shirt
All around in the Streets we have found these Sycamore Maple Leaves. we made a Collage from them and turned it into a Pattern Design. It gives you a real Autumn feeling.
This is an absolute Must-have for every ladies wardrobe, to wear for Fitness, Work or Play or Dress Up with it to go out to Diner.

Sycamore Maple Leaves Pattern Legging
Autumn & Winter Leggings
You can expect to receive compliments, and feel elegant, with these Stylish high quality Sleek & Smooth looking/ - feeling Leggings. 
Making you feel Happy every time you wear them!

Legging for Fashionable Nature Lovers

We are thankful that this past Spring, so many of you bought our Highly Popular
All-Over-Print SPRING Flowers Legging and several other Colorful Flower Leggings designs.
 It gives us a Proud Feeling to know that somewhere in the world - YOU - are wearing our designs, as an Ambasador of
Our Brand! (BTW when you click this link you see a T-shirt with Our - EDS - Brand Name on it)

Only now since we now turned from Spring to Autumn, It's now time 
for our Aumunn & Winter Leggings…..,  

They are Custome Made with Care each pair is Printed before being sewn

Get Comfortable and Look Cool with these Amazing Stylish Leggings

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!! 

See Our Other Nature Inspired Legging in Our Collection ! ! !


SEE More Of Our Autumn 

& Winter Leggings On Pinterest

Will we see you see you back this Season as buyers of our Autumn & Winter Leggings…?

Because than, you will be able 
to keep on discovering

- Wide Choice -


all kinds of other Products with

 Matching Designs!

(T-shirts & Shoes etc.)  

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!! 

SEE ALL Leggings

Also See Other
Autumn Color Designs

                                                         SEE  T-shirt Designs 
                                                           and Matching Shoe Designs ! ! ! 

Your Thoughts: 

Did you Buy Any of Our Leggings or other Products with our Design on it
This Spring or Recently….,

Feel free to write a Comment by clicking the Comment-link below this blog post,
and let us know how you like our Designs, or even better share a link with
a Photo Showing wearing it!

Let Us Hear From YOU

BTW you can use the Social Share Buttons
below this post to share this post with others!


Show Our Designs to Friends, and Discover How to Send Our Post & Greeting Cards as Social Share CARDS  ! ! !

dinsdag 7 september 2021

That the Dog SCOTT really Told Us that He's Happy With His Dog Bowl
Might Be Less 'Fictional' than you Think !

In one of my Previous Blog posts, I wrote about a Dog named SCOTT
in a Post titled:

In this Post I am Somewhat stretching your Imagination, Suggesting that SCOTT (Himself) told other Dogs (and his Owner) About How Happy he is with his Specially Designed 
Personalized Dog Bowl with his own Name,

This actually isn't even such a Strech, since it does sound Logical that Dogs have way's to Communicate with other Dogs, Only to really 'Talk' with Humans 
does Scientifically feel somewhat like a Stetch......,



 As you might know I am a Fan of both Science Fiction and Science...,

Yesterday in this TV-Show I did see something that looks rather 'Fictional' only this is about a Scientific Approach to talking with Animals and Talking (Communicating) with Dogs! 

With an actual Talkshow with Dogs, (with an actual Bone Shaped table to sit on to Talk) Perhaps Somewhat weird Nevertheless Pretty Amazing! 

 You See an other (Funny) Example of the
 (in this case Non-verbal) Communication Skills Dogs have !

donderdag 5 augustus 2021

Did You See Our Brand New Most Popular Designs Collection...? ? ?

We have Many Special Collections like 

for example our Humor & Fun Collection,


Offering you a Wide Range of Many Products
with our Many Designs on them !

Like for example our 
Much Popular



Yellow, and 


We also frequently make New Designs as you can see in this list of 


For our Continuïty Especially our EVERGREENS and our Most Popular Products are the most Important to keep our Sales Going..., 

To make it Extra Easy for you do Instantly Discover the Products you like the most, 
we added a Brand New Collection....., 

- NOW- You Instantly Discover 
the Most Popular Products !

In this Brand New Special 

dinsdag 20 juli 2021

SUMMER Out Doors Napkins!

Feeling Great about

having - Stunning Colorful Napkins - for Your Possible Future, 

Out Doors - still distant and restricted - 'SUMMER PARTIES':

Thank you - Design Enthousiast -
for having a look at Some of our Special Summer Time Designs

Besides Our Great SUMMER TIME
Can-& Bottle Coolers and Things Like SUNGLASSES & FLIPFLOPS We also have for you....,

Stunning Napkins....!!!


  See Napkins ! ! !

Especially for - Grill Masters - we have the....,


Fun BBQ Napkins:

BBQ Octopus White Paper Napkins

Also Check Out the

Many Great Other
Matching Octopus BBQ Products!

Flower Photography:

Besides our 'Award Winning'
Flower Photography
we also have for you,

Stylish Flower Napkins:

Purple Tropical Flowers Paper Napkins

White Rose Close Up Paper Napkins
White Rose Close Up Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Pink Water Lily Close Up Paper Napkins
Pink Water Lily Close Up Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Flower Pattern Napkins:

We always make an effort to find something Special for you, and this Hydrangea we discovered
is just a little different than many of the Hydrangea's you usually see,

Just a Subtle Difference:

This type of Hydrangea has white on the flower petal edges, giving this Napkin
just as the Stylish Serene White Rose Close Up Paper Napkin 
a tiny little subtle different Special Stylish Look.
Blue Hydrangea Pattern Cloth Napkin

This is one of our Designs that is very Popular and Often gets Great



(BTW we also have this design for example on a Watch as you can see on:

Have a Look At The Great
Pattern Design here Above...,

(In that Screen Simply Click on the "+"
in the right corner below
to view an even bigger image)

and also at for example The

Stylish White Rose Napkin!

Practical Tip:

At EDS we obviously Like being in the Outdoors
around Fauna & Flora,
(for example
For Our Outdoor-Photography)

and we also like being in the Garden. Recently we actually had
a little 'SUMMER Party' in the Garden. Only it was a little windy
so our Napkins almost blew away from our table,

So make sure you securing your Napkins with
a Napkin holder or with something of weight so that
they don't blow from your table.

Also See Our Recent Tweet: See Our Other Tweets, Follow Us On Twitter! 
 Or Simply Browse through our Pins On Pinterst !

donderdag 15 juli 2021

DISCOVER Some of Our Highly Special BEACH LIFE Products & Designs
'We Bring To the TABLE' ! ! !

Having Your Own,  - PRIVATE BEACH!! - 

                                       Under Your FEET!!!!!

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!!

Discover Special Design Flip Flops:

Afterwards walking on the beach we discovered that it was a good idea
to keep Shoes or Flip-flops on because of the Hotness of the sand. As you can see here below
we do have some nice Blue Sky Beach Design Flip-Flops for you
with Palm Trees on them, great Tropical Trees

Just Imagine:

Colorful Nature Inspired Designs,
that instantly get you into a Holliday Mood!

                   Look At How Many Other Great Designs we Have...., 

See Many More  

Shoes and Flip-flops


Discover - Many More - of Our SUMMER TIME
Products & Designs!!!


Discover More BEACH LIFE Products & Designs!!!


To See Many More Cute, 

Great Looking, FUN Tweets....., 


Follow Us on Twitter


vrijdag 9 juli 2021

Have You Seen The New - Thumbnail Image - We Created
for Our Special Tote Bag Promo Video ! ?


Do You Know Family & Frieds with a Sense of Fashion & Style.....? 

Make Sure to Share this Video ! ! !  

Some time ago we started Working on Creating our Own YouTube Channel and 
in our Playlist. 

Not so long ago I wrote you a post about a Special Promo Video we created 
for a Tote Bag Design we made in a post titled: 

Inspired by some of the things I learned 
during a 
'Sneak Peek' 


That convinced me about the Importance of using better Thumbnail Images 
to get attention for your Video's, because of it I searched for more info about creating Successful Thumbnail Images, and discovered 


in it's turn resulting in Creating a New Thumbnail Image for our 
Promo Video I made the image Bigger to (also) make it more attractive for 
Mobile Viewers, added an Easy to Read TEXT, and a 
Cartoon Image on the Right. 

you see the Result at the top of this post !

I also Tweeted About it !


 Do You Have Experience with Making Thumbnail Images 
 for Your Video's.....? ? ? 

If - Yes - It's great to see your Comments/Replies 
with a link to your Video(s) Thanks !

zondag 4 juli 2021

Great To Hear From You

Thanks for having you on this Blog,
Great to see that you take some time to Check out this blog(post) today,

BTW when you want to 'Dive-in' rightaway, and just want to get an idea about
How many and what type of Products/Designs 
we have you definitely want to, have a look at our 

and, CHECK Out, 

Our YEARBOOK 2020 !

And Our Previous YEARBOOKS ! 

Check Out Our YEARBOOKS ! ! !

It's Great to Frequently (also) 

See  - YOUR -  Responses !  

We are glad that we frequently see you coming back, that you follow our Twitter
read our Tweets and Blog posts

 That you Share Our Designs on Social Media and that some of you
See Our YEARBOOK 2020 By clicking the Image or this link:

See Our YEARBOOK 2020 !

On this Blog your can read about Great DESIGNS and NEWS FACTS from the EDS-Team.

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog (again) today!


First Time Visitor? Go Directly To Our First Blog Post to learn more about this News facts blog
Near the Top of this Blog (just above - Recent Blog Posts -) you See Links
to other Themed Happy Lifestyle Blogs

You can also read more about some Popular Designs, etc. In the Side Bar here on the Right ---->> and you can discover the - Design FACTS Pages - from the EDS-Team, and some more info, near the Bottom of this page.
Music Octopus Party HatWelcome to the PARTY ! ! !
Summer Flowers Latte Mug
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Thank You For; Following Us On TWITTER,, Social Share Our Post - & Greeting Cards Online ! ! !, Looking at Our MOST RECENT DESIGNS, Looking Video's, And (Especially for you who are on Pinterest) Looking Our Popular BEAUTY - /Pinterest Boards, and Saving Our Pins...,

(Like You Can See in the - HELICOPTER TWEET - here on the Left ! ! !)

It's also Great to See that you are READING Our Theme Specific Blogs, Having Conversations with Us, Sending Us Messages, - Emails,
Commenting & Replying, on our Blog Posts ! ! Commenting, Retweeting, Liking, our Tweets ! Thanks for Your Many Responses & Your Recent Purchases:

Summer Flowers Latte Mug

It's always Great To Hear from You, See all your Responses, on our Blog Posts, on our Pinterest Boards, the Nature Inspired Video's You See on Our YouTube Channel, and Your many Comments, Likes & Retweets, from You Following us on Twitter. And Obviously from You Buying Our Designs from our Webstore(s), like Buying our......, ALL-OVER-PRINT LEGGINGS, and thanks for example for recently buying our....,

CLICK Link here above to go to the - Product Page - for more product details, Or CLICK Link at the end here to See Some of our Most Recent Products CREATED & More of Our Latest Products SOLD !
Like amung others - the Recently Bought - you see here below:

TOP 5 Most Popular Products:


for Fittness, Sports and Yoga.

1) ALL-OVER-PRINT LEGGINGS, & (Matching) T-SHIRTS, Shoes & Flipflops, 2) CARDS, 3) PENS, 4) BUTTONS, 5) COFFEE MUGS,
Like our Many - Latte MUGS Designs -

SHOW Your Fashion Sense to Family & Friends:
DISCOVER How You can Send Our Specially Designed Post- & Greeting Cards as E-CARDS.
You can also SHARE on SOCIAL MEDIA ! ! ! GO SHOPPING Online, to Avoid TRAVEL - & Parking Costs!

FUN Movie: This is SOUL !


Read More About Music on my
Music Blog

Also See The Trailer of this Movie: Disney

At 'HOME' you can also discover other Happy Lifestyle blogs with Practical News, Tips & Ideas about: Digital Camera-ideas, Movies, Music, Travel, Writing, Healthy Lifestyle, and More!

DESIGN Facts Pages:

Here above one of our Customizable Pet Bowl Designs,
in the Pages here below you can discover many more designs
with their background stories.

"TODAY is a Gift that's why they call it the Present!"

Gift Center
Zazzle Community Member
ED-Studio Webstore

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!!

Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock
Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box
Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box
by EdelhertDesignStudio

(Read More about Peacocks on Wikipedia)


Funny Talking Parrot Cust. Text Greeting Card
Funny Talking Parrot Cust. Text Greeting Card
by EdelhertDesignStudio

See BIRDS Collection

Coffee Brown Lettering Coffee Mug
Coffee Brown Lettering Coffee Mug
by EdelhertDesignStudio Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug
Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Coffee Mugs are Amongst Our:

TOP 5 Of
Our 'BIG FIVE' Popular Products:



and the Highly Special
-- P A N O R A M I C -- L A N D S C A P E ---
Coffee MUGS


and See Around the OFFICE

We have a lot of
MATCHING PRODUCTS & DESIGNS the Colorful Flower Leggings are Matching with Products from the Sports Collection like T-shirts & Shoes.
LOOK at ALL (Current) COLLECTIONS from:   

ED-Travel Webstore

See Our

Brand New: - TRAVEL - NOTEBOOKS & JOURNALS Collection, Our NATURE WALKS In Winter Serial Stories on TWITTER
& Our First Prize Photo for Our TOWN GUIDE!!!,
(Read More about it in Our Blog post on Digital Camera-Ideas)

See Our Theme Based Collections:

Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Customizable Magnet
Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Customizable Magnet,
To Look At Other
FROG-Designs - Click Here! -

Costa Rica -, Netherlands -, Peru -, South Africa -, Sunshine Travel -, Beach Towels -, Buttons & Magnets -,
Air Plane -, Adult Backpack -, Drawstring Backpack -,
our Specialized Store in Travel Products.
The Collections are based on a Special Product or Theme.
Products & Designs are also Matching; several Beach Towels
have a Matching Backpack Design.


*NEW: Baby-, Pets-,
We Basically have Highly Special SPORTS-, KIDS- & GIFTS Collections,
and a Popular

Colorful Leggings


Kids Fashion-, Kids School-, Colorful Animal Cartoons-, Funny Talking Parrot-,
Comic Animal Phone Cases-,