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dinsdag 4 augustus 2020

Thank - YOU - for VOTING, Commenting,
Liking, Retweeting & Saving Our PIN's ! ! !

As you could also read about in a previous blog post titled: 

We Like to Hear From You 

You Know that we always like to Hear from - YOU -  and get some more insights about the things 
that you want, that way also helping - US - creating MOMENTUM for our Sales! 

As you can read about in this post titled: 

Flying Geese USB stick Flash Drive
Example of a Product You Frequently Like to Buy

We Always like seeing 

the Latest Things that You Bought the

Latest Products SOLD

and Your Readers Feedback 

like for example: Your VOTES,

Your Likes & Retweets !

and Your COMMENTS on Blog Posts and 



for example as you Can see 

In this Comment on Our Purple Allium Tweet here below:

Just as with occasionally having a  POLL on our Twitter,
to look at your  VOTES,
like to Look at your Tweets and 

And Get New Ideas & 
Inspiration from YOU ! 
(as you read about in the Link here above)


It's Also Great to - SEE - 

that you also SAVE our PINs ! ! !  

We also highly appriciate it 

when you Save any of our Pinterest Pins !


zaterdag 25 juli 2020

New FUN Bathroom Accessories !

Summer Time Whales Cartoon Bathroom Set

See, Hear VIDEO About Singing Whales 

on our Music Blog ! ! !

You Can Also Have a Look at our  

- Bathroom Accessories - Pinterest Board, and Save PIN's ! ! !

see our Tweet here below:

We Also Have this Great Looking 

FUN Octopus Cartoon Designs ! 

An other Great Looking - Sea Animal - 

to Make Your Bathroom FUN!!!

With Bathroom Octopus Products:

Bathroom Octopus

Shower Curtain:

Can You Imagine Having Such a FUN One
Hanging in Your Bathroom...?
Bathroom Octopus Customizable Shower Curtain

Bathroom Octopus

Bath Mat:

And Can You IMAGINE putting your Feet
On this FUNNY Bath Mat...?
Bathroom Octopus Customizable Bath Mat

Bathroom Octopus

Bath Set:

Or to have these on your Bathroom Sink...?
Because we even have a Matching Bath Set.

And Some Other
Products with Bathroom Octopus Design:

Bathing Octopus Bathroom Scale
Bathing Octopus Ceramic Tile Customizable
Bathing Octopus LED Candle

Also See Other Bathroom Designs:

Follow Us On Twitter:

So You Can Frequently Check Out This Blog For - Crispy Fresh - New Blogposts
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Or check out the, Comments & Replies from other readers

maandag 20 juli 2020

DISCOVER Our YEARBOOK 2019 Online ! ! !

For our Prevous Yearbook we also had an Online Version, and As you could already read about in a previous Post titled: The Making of Our Yearbook 2019 we also made a New One and,
We like to present you with this  Online Version YEARBOOK 2019 you can Browse Online ! 

See YEARBOOK 2019 Online ! ! !

See YEARBOOK 2019 Online ! ! !

vrijdag 10 juli 2020

Several New (Cartoon) Tumbler Designs for Kids !

We Continiously get Ideas for New Designs,

For example Recently we created a Summer Time Whale Beach Towel Cartoon
as you can see and read about on our Travel Blog in a blog post titled:

 3 Brand New Beach Towel Designs 

Recently on our Twitter I also shared a Link to my STAYCATION Blog post from our Travel Blog,
and I Wrote a Comment on a Tweet, about Cocktails around the Swimming Pool.....,
It made me realise that we have several Tumbler Designs,

Only we didn't yet have many Tumblers with things like Cartoon Designs for Kids,
so now we have.

See All our 

Tumbler Designs

maandag 6 juli 2020

We Are New on the Dutch
Sales Platform Marktplaats (Marketplace)

Did you Know We Now are Amung the 
Big Names in Fashion..?

We see that several Big Names in Fashion, also are on this Platform...,

Now you can also discover our T-Shirts & Leggings on this platform 

Check it out for your self:

 Edelhert Design Studio op Marktplaats

How To
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Your Own TWITTER Page: 

To easily Share this EDS Newsfacts Blog with friends to tell them 
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All-over PHOTO Print Colorful Spring Flowers Leggings 
with Matching T-shirts & Tank Tops

zondag 28 juni 2020

SUMMER TIME, Listening to Your Feedback &
See Our NEW SUMMER Latte Mugs ! ! !

We Wrote About Our 
- Tea Time - Pinterest Board

As you know from some time ago,
we created a special Tea Time Pinterest Board,

And Told You About 
Our SUMMER Clothing, 

And as you know this Summer we didn't only create New Designs for our SUMMER Clothing, Colorful LEGGINGS, BEACH LIFE Products, Summer Napkins, Can - & Bottle Coolers,

Besides making new designs and enjoying the Summer,

on our TWITTER-page, and Enjoy to frequenly hear from you, about how you like our Designs, and listen to your Sometimes even detailed Suggestions & Ideas ! ! !
Because of that we also

Created besides our Regular Coffee Mugs that are in the 

TOP 5 of Most Popular Products ! 

 also Many More 

As you might know we also have a  
Pinterest - Coffee Time - Board for you with those on them aswell,
See here below;

You can easily Scroll Down with
the Wheel from your mouse to See More!

Clicking on the word

- Coffee Time -

                                                  will Instantly get you to that Board,  
clicking on our EDS-logo, or - name will get you to the page where you can see

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Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock
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Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box
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Funny Talking Parrot Cust. Text Greeting Card
Funny Talking Parrot Cust. Text Greeting Card
by EdelhertDesignStudio

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Coffee Brown Lettering Coffee Mug
Coffee Brown Lettering Coffee Mug
by EdelhertDesignStudio Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug
Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug
by EdelhertDesignStudio

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Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Customizable Magnet,
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